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“He has been wearing them for 24 hours now and all I can say is WOW! His skin is already so much clearer, he has had a full night’s sleep, and very little scratching this morning. I honestly didn't think I would see the effects so quickly.”
SG Sandhurst

DermaSilk Product Range

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is suitable for all age groups and is available in an extensive range of sizes.

DermaSilk can help treat:

  • Atopic Eczema that affects both children and adults
  • Contact or Allergic Dermatitis that mainly affects the hands of adults
  • Gravitational Eczema that affects the lower legs of the middle aged and elderly
  • Lichen Sclerosus, Recurrent Thrush and other gynaecological conditions

Recommended by Dermatologists and Allergy Specialists throughout Europe, DermaSilk is the only natural therapeutic clothing to have been shown in published clinical trials, to improve the healing of eczematous skin – irrespective of what other medicinal creams are applied with it.




Childrens DermaSilk Clothing Range

We realize just how difficult it can be to care for babies and young children with eczema. The DermaSilk range of infants and children's clothes has been specifically designed to be an integral part of an overall eczema treatment programme involving emollients and other topical medications.

For Children aged 3 to 12, particular care has been taken over the design of their clothing so that they do not feel self conscious in front of their friends.


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Ladies DermaSilk Clothing Range

Our specially designed range of women's garments are made from a single layer of knitted, medical grade silk fabric which, by allowing the free flow of air, helps control body temperature which in turn reduces the itching and scratching so often associated with various forms of eczema and contact dermatitis.

We include in our range, leggings and socks designed specifically to help those women suffering from dry itchy skin on the legs and ankles which is often associated with venous or varicose eczema, and gloves, designed for those whose hands suffer from allergic contact dermatitis.

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Mens DermaSilk Clothing Range

Dry itchy skin conditions, often associated with eczema and dermatitis, occurs in all age groups. Contact Dermatitis, for example, can affect the hands and can be aggravated by external irritants found both in the home and at work. DermaSilk gloves are designed to be worn either on their own or under other protective gloves to help calm the symptoms.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is designed in various styles and sizes and is now even being used as a base garment by people taking part in sports and leisure activities to help regulate body temperature and absorb moisture.

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