“I heard about Dermasilk after a colleague at work recommended it. Luckily my Dr was kind enough to prescribe it to me having had eczema since I was a baby; I had tried so many things, having to go to hospital every now and then. Medicines cleared it up for a little while but there was nothing to actually keep it in check without prolonged use of medication (which is something I certainly don't like to do). I started using Dermasilk couple of months ago and could see an improvement within a week itself and followed the instructions as per the website where you have to wear it day and night in order to feel it's benefits and continue to do so even though it's controlled in order to prevent any future flare up's. I was very uncomfortable at work with eczema as there was a constant fight with windows being opened and closed and having eczema you tend to feel very hot and very uncomfortable, I now am finally comfortable at work and improved mood too. Dermasilk has seriously changed my life and my nickname for it is "Miracle top". I use to use diprobase ointment several times an hour and got through a tube every 3 days, this has now reduced to only few times a day, mostly only on the face (only if I could wear the face mask during the day at work :)!), the majority of the body doesn't even require it any-more apart from after bath-time and 1 tube has lasted me about 2 weeks! I use to find it very time consuming to constantly apply ointment and am much happier now that it's not taking up most of my time. My clothes use to also get dirty very soon as the ointment attracted dirt, it's even helped that! The staff at Dermasilk are extremely helpful, I have mostly been in touch with Jo at Dermasilk and I can say that she has been very very helpful, excellent customer services and hassle free when it comes to having to exchange clothes for something that fits better and much more! All in all I couldn't recommend Dermasilk enough as it certainly is a Miracle!!! Thank you very much Dermasilk!”

“I had never heard of Lichen Sclerosus but I have suffered from the extreme discomfort of this nasty itchy, burning condition. Steroids and emollients help but I have found Dermasilk slips to be a godsend. Most of the time, when wearing them, I do not suffer from any symptoms and can almost forget I have this condition. I now rarely need to use steroids. So glad I found a Consultant who prescribed Dermasilk in the first place and now I would never be without them.”

“Just wanted to give you my experience of Dermasilk. I have included 2 before and after pictures. I have pompholyx eczema, and I have had this for the last 14 years, I have tried many steroids and moisturisers with varying success. I have used the gloves for the last 2 weeks alongside Epaderm moisturiser, as you can see my hands have improved a lot, they are much less swollen (I can now wear my wedding ring again!) and all the vesicles have gone. They are just a bit dry now. ”

“I found out about Dermasilk during a web search last year was looking for underwear (briefs) that might help with my recurrent symptoms. I decided to try Dermasilk after coming across it during an online search for underwear to help with my recurrent symptoms. I decided to try it out and I’m so glad I did! I can honestly say that Dermasilk underwear has helped enormously to alleviate my symptoms and that my quality of life is vastly improved. Dermasilk is pricey but really worth it. I ordered three pairs of briefs which have lasted over eight months, despite undergoing such frequent use and washing. I’m really glad that briefs are now available in black. I’ve just ordered a bra top for a family member to try out. The team at Espere Healthcare have been so approachable, friendly and helpful (they went to some efforts to make sure that items were dispatched in time to reach me before I was travelling abroad). Jo Fletcher worked on Dermasilk clinical trials carried out at three UK hospitals, so really knows the benefits of using this product. I am really happy to provide this testimonial and would like to point out that I have not received any incentive for doing so."

“My son has a diagnosis of severe eczema. Prior to researching and seeking out Dermasilk myself I was then able to ask our dermatologist if it could be prescribed which he kindly did. After using Dermasilk I could see the benefits of Dermasilk tenfold. The amount of topical steroids which I previously used where reduced. Keeping this in context, so severe was his eczema that he from a matter of weeks old, he was prescribed potent steroids off license because they aren’t recommended for under twos. This concerned me what lifelong damage may he have due to potent steroid usage, yet he needed them for his skin to heal. Since we started using Dermasilk our steroid usage dramatically reduced. My son loves his Dermasilk and will ask to wear it if his skin feels sore. This invaluable garment helps to regulate his body temperature. So during the dry hot sunny summer months (conditions not favourable for kids with eczema whose skin is more sensitive due to topical steroidal usage) the Dermasilk acted as a ventilator/ coolant for his skin. He recently suffered a severe case of chicken pox, his Dermasilk again helped him to reduce itch. Some people think Dermasilk and other materials like tubifast are the same. They aren’t. Tubifast isn’t eczema friendly, it’s actually a skin irritant. Dermasilk on the other hand acts as a layer of skin over the skin of my child. Please do not stop the Dermasilk available on prescription. I can hand on heart say that despite Dermasilk seemingly as expensive, it’s not!!! It’s reusable and i know from our experience the NHS would have been out more money with increased steroid usage had we not of discovered Dermasilk. Furthermore it preserves the skin long term, it reduces opportunistic microorganisms entering the skin barrier, it helps to reduces skin cancer. Long term potent steroid ointments are much much more expensive expensive. Please listen to people who have had positive outcomes with Dermasilk. "

“Finding Dermasilk underwear had been a complete revelation. The underwear works brilliantly in relieving daily discomfort. Big thanks to Jo and her team for help and advice. I can’t fault their customer service."

“I just wanted to thank Derma Silk for significantly calming my son's dreadful exema. It has been the only thing to bring some long term aid to the condition which he has had since he was a few months old. He is now able to sleep easier at night as it was massively disturbing his sleep and he is able to continue with his swimming. Lawrence is now 9 months old and much happier I feel as a direct result of the derma silk. I can't thank Derma Silk enough. I was beginning to feel very helpless and emotionally worn down by the stress of it all. Its reduced Lawrence's steroid use hugely too to the point were I'm hardly using any. It is the only thing that worked for us. ”

“I wanted to write to you and your company to let you know how much the Dermasilk Intimo products have improved my life. I had been suffering from a recurrent yeast infection for many months. After several rounds of anti-fungal therapy and severe restrictions of diet and lifestyle – I was getting to my wits end and feeling utterly hopeless. Everything that the medical community pushes on patients with Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis is sheer guess work. And during all this treatment, the fungus keeps growing in resistance because they, just like bacteria and viruses, are ever evolving and doing a much better job at it than we, humans are.

On a random internet search in March I found out about your product. I read everything I could on it and was shocked that no one I spoke to (doctors and others) had ever heard of this thing. I really didn’t believe that it could do what the websites claimed but was willing to give it a try. After all – it wasn’t another drug I had to take and short of spending some cash on some extremely expensive undies I was pretty confident that it was worth a try. I ordered a few pairs -you and Jo were extremely helpful in tracking the shipping and communicating with me.

Within the first few days of wearing it I could tell that something was definitely different. Now after 6 months of continuous use I am convinced that these are magic underwear – in fact that’s what I call them. I have not had a recurrence. Even when I feel like something might be coming on, I feel that the intensity is mitigated by the underwear. They truly do what the website says they do. I cannot recommend them more highly – they are a life saver! Please DON’T ever stop making them.”

“RE: Mini Shorts: . I bought another pair earlier in the year and they are great. I also tried a type of bamboo underwear. They are saying that they absorb moisture and help to prevent thrush. They are not a patch on dermasilk. Looking forward to my parcel.”

“Regarding the nhs and silk garments. without the prescription for my then 3 year old daughter (turning 5 sunday) we would not have got her lichen sclerosus into remission as quickly as we have. It's an horrendous condition for anybody let alone a child. They were a life saver and we could not have afforded them otherwise.

Having them on the nhs helped us and I know of others too. I'd hate to think of the suffering people would go through, with any skin condition, should they not have the option to use the Dermasilk garments via the nhs. Health and comfort should not be available to those only with deep pockets. Without the help of Jo at Espere health and the nhs, my daughter could very well be suffering a lot more than what she currently does.

These garments work and my daughter is proof of that. ”

“I wanted to update you on my daughter's LS since wearing the Dermasilk briefs. From the 1st week she has seen great improvement in look, irritation and colouring (not so red and inflamed). She does have topical steroid 2 x a week (and lowering) but the difference was really noticeable since wearing the briefs. I now have 6 pairs. We started 1st week of January.

Your help and advice has been invaluable and I wanted to email to say thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

I am hoping other parents find your company (I've been pushing it lots) as these garments are genuinely helping people! ”

" My daughter developed chronic eczema from a very early age, 6 weeks or so. She was covered from head to toe. We tried numerous different treatments, all recommended by the GP and then paediatric dermatologist - emollients, steroid creams (she was a few months old for goodness sake), wet wraps - yes she had to be dressed in 2 layers of wet clothing at all times to help her skin! We don’t wear wet clothing so why should a baby. We did everything, froze all her toys and bedding - incase it was a mite reaction, hoovered her room twice a day, you name it we tried it.

Then someone at a toddler group mentioned Derma silk suits. I did the research and contacted the company. They were really helpful but the product was quite expensive but I was prepared to try anything. The first ones arrived and the difference in her wellbeing was evident as soon as we put them on her, basically she stopped scratching!

The suits didn’t totally clear up the skin immediately but they made a huge difference. She slept better, she was happier, she didn’t scratch as much and she laughed!

When we revisited the consultant he was sceptical that the huge improvement in her skin was down to the silk garments however the Eczema nurses were so blown away they asked if I would mind donating her second hand suits to them so they could pass on to other parents that couldn’t afford to buy them

She also grew, so more suits were required! It was at this point that Dermasilk told me they were available on the NHS - something both GP and Specialist neglected to mention!!

At first the GP claimed they did not stock the suits and therefore I wouldn’t be able to get them from them. However when I returned with a breakdown of costs - what it would cost the NHS to provide all the emollients and hydracortisone creams versus the cost of a suit he soon agreed that it made financial sense to prescribe the suits.

D used them for 3 years and they were amazing. I now recommend them to anyone, adult or child, who suffers from Eczema. How can you put a price on a child that screams constantly because every time they move their skin it cracks and weeps?

Dermasilk not only changed my daughters life but made ours more bearable too.