Wear and Care

To get the best results from DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing, please follow this advice:

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is designed to be lightweight and body forming. It needs to be close fitting and in contact with the skin at all times to be fully effective.

As with all natural fibres, DermaSilk will last longer if there are a few garments rotated in use rather than a single garment being washed and worn continuously.

When used in combination with medical creams and ointments, care should be taken to ensure that the medication is fully absorbed into the skin before the DermaSilk clothing is worn. If the emollients are too thick it will create a barrier between the clothing and the skin and you will not see the best results. The garments are therapeutic in their own right so as long as the fabric is in contact with the skin it is having a beneficial effect.

Please note that the antimicrobial agent is bonded permanently into the silk and will not leach out of the fabric, even after numerous washes.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing Washing Instructions

  • • DermaSilk can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees using a non-biological detergent. Be sure to place the garments in a net bag to protect the fabric from snagging.
  • • Alternatively the garments can be hand washed.
  • • After washing, rinse and then place the garments on a towel to dry. Do not dry over direct heat such as a radiator.
  • • In areas with hard water the softness of DermaSilk can be stored by soaking DermaSilk in a solution of 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda per litre of water overnight. Then wash as above.
  • • Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners.
  • • Do not bleach DermaSilk clothing as it will damage the structure of the fabric.
  • • Do not tumble dry
  • • If necessary iron down the length of the garment with a cool iron

Please have a look at our various care videos. Please note: since we made this video Surcare have changed the formula of their detergent and it is no longer recommended for use on silk.

You may also be interested in SkinSalvation washing powder which is a delicate, filler-free detergent designed to effectively clean without fuss.

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